The Gujarat Veterinary Council, Gandhinagar

  • The Gujarat Veterinary Council is a Statutory Body.
  • Gujarat State  has adopted the Indian Veterinary Council Act,1984 in the year-2000.
  • Since its inception, the State Council is receiving 50% grants-in-aid from the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India and 50% grant-in-aid from State Government under the plan Scheme-"Professional Efficiency development Programme"
  • The council have eleven members in its executive committee.
  •  Composition of State Council
  1. Four members elected(from among  themselves by Veterinary practitioners registered in the State Veterinary register)
  2. Two members of the heads of veterinary institutions, if any, in the State, ex-officio;
  3. Three members nominated by the State Government;
  4. The Director of Veterinary Services of the State (by whatever name called), ex-officio;
  5. One member to be nominated by the State Veterinary Association, if any;
  6. Registrar of the State Veterinary Council, ex officio.
  • Objectives
  1. To prepare and maintain state veterinary Practitioner register
  2. To regulate Veterinary Practice in the State.
  3. To lay down the standards of professional Conduct, etiquette and code of ethics.
  4. To advise state Government on all regulatory matters concerning Veterinary practice and Education
  5. To make activities for welfare & professional Development of Veterinarians.
  6. Gujarat Veterinary Council has been registering veterinary graduates, framed its rules and approved  by Government of  Gujarat on date 08/01/2007 
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